January 14, 2019

In 2018, Darrell Peeden was appointed to the Moreno Valley School Board. His appointment meant a fresh, bold look at public policy in the District. In 2016, Mr. Peeden ran for Moreno Valley Mayor, his platform included reshaping the Moreno Valley economy which included working to reduce income inequality in the community. He promised to change the way the city spent money and what type of industry occupied the city. His plan was to focus on a community wealth development approach that would put Moreno Valley residents first by giving them the opportunities to create businesses that could provide the goods and services that the local city government used. 

Why does this matter? Because for over a decade a company named Highland Fairview has bought the politicians in Moreno Valley. As a result, they have been using all that power for their own special interest. Their interest are to rezone much of the Moreno Valley land for outside corporate interest excluding the community from this...

October 4, 2018

IE2030's goal is to build an economy in the Inland Empire that benefits everyone. We have chosen 12 local political candidates that we hope you will consider on November 6th.

October 21, 2017

A new study by IE2030 reveals that Bloomington voters, overall, oppose warehouse development in their community. In addition, the study finds that Bloomington voters overwhelmingly oppose warehouses being built near schools and homes. Click here to read the study!

Currently, Bloomington’s land zoning consists of a variety of uses, including agricultural, residential and commercial. In 2016, the San Bernardino County Supervisors voted yes to build a 680,000 square foot warehouse near Zimmerman Elementary School and are now considering building more warehouses in Bloomington -- near Bloomington High School, Slover High School, and next to residential properties. These recent development decisions, accompanied with an aggressive approach by commercial development firms to purchase agriculture and residential property, has led to the community’s desire to measure public opinion regarding warehouse development near schools, residential property, and as an economic development strategy in Blo...

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