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IE2030 is an Inland Empire community driven economic development collective with the mission to cultivate community wealth building in the Inland Empire, through public policy projects, civic engagement and applied research.

Our assignment is to create and execute a new vision for the Inland Empire. The Inland Empire is just 40 miles east of Los Angeles, CA and is home to over 4.4 million people, which makes it the 12th largest metropolitan region in the United States.  According to the Census, 1 in 5 people in the IE are living below the poverty line. The IE is estimated to reach over 7.5 million people in population within 3 decades and it is essential we build an institution that is people powered with progress in mind. Currently, the Inland Empire's economy is built on a low-skilled foundation that does not provide living wage jobs for residents, the air in the Inland Empire is among the worst in the nation and socially, communities of color in the Inland Empire continue to be marginalized and exploited for industry profits. 


IE2030 has been developed with these inequities in mind and is dedicated to reaching our goal of economic, progressive change by 2030. We accomplish this through a strategic plan that incorporates public policy projects, resident engagement, applied research and getting progressives elected to local office.



IE2030 is made up of concerned community member in the Inland Empire who are tired of our local economy working for wealthy developers and not residents of our region. IE2030 is funded through our inclusive membership of community members, activist, and public policy professionals. 

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IE2030 is the collective voice of the Inland Empire, made up of community members, activist, public policy professionals, and students who want to build a new economy; an economy that benefits everyone who contributes to it, not just the affluent. 

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